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U Save It Pharmacy (South Albany)
1310 Newton Road
Albany, GA 31701
CVS  Pharmacy # 4560
1509 Radium Springs Rd.
Albany, GA 31705
U Save It Pharmacy (Dawson Road)
1315 Dawson Road
Albany, GA 31707
At the Prescription Shoppe we carry over the counter and prescription drugs. We offer quality products at affordable prices, our specialty is compounding.
1807 Ledo Rd
Albany, GA 31707
800 S. Slappey Blvd.
Albany, GA 31701
U Save It Pharmacy
U Save It is your hometown pharmacy where you will receive reliable, fast and friendly service, in one of our many locations. We provide our customers with personalized service and prices.
400 Jefferson Street
Albany, GA 31701
CVS Pharmacy #4569
609 N. Westover Road
Albany, GA 31707
U Save It Pharmacy (Palmyra Location)
2112 Palmyra Road
Albany, GA 31701
U SAVE IT Pharmacy - Northwest
2624 Meredyth Drive
Albany, GA 31707