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Georgia Federal-State Inspection Service began serving the Agriculture Industry in 1927. We are located at 951 Pecan Grove Drive, Albany, Georgia.
GA FSIS provides an honest, impartial, efficient and accurate service to the members of the Agricultural Industry. We inspect over 35 commodities, including peanuts, miscellaneous . fruits and vegetables, and pecans. The use of the Inspection service ensures the shipment of high quality produce and enhances Georgias reputation as a supplier of superior agricultural products.
GA FSIS performs voluntary and/or compulsory inspections of products grown and/or marketed in the state of Georgia, as well as traded in the interstate commerce arena. We also inspect products that are imported into the U.S. such as onions, peanuts, and melons. These inspections determine grade, size, quality, and net weight and are certified on Federal or Federal-State certificates.

GA FSIS offers GAP&GHP Audit Verification Program which is a voluntary, fee for service program. Audits are only performed by USDA trained and licensed Federal or State department of agriculture employees. USDA AMS Fresh Products Branch works in cooperation with States to ensure program integrity, uniformity, and consistency nationwide. USDA trained and licensed auditors provide an unbiased review of growers, handlers, or receiver?s practices to minimize food safety hazards. This program verifies that the participating companies are conforming to generally accepted agricultural best practices. This program is not a regulatory or mandatory audit required by any State or Fed

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