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Get Fit By Melinda is a one hour dynamic and convenient fitness class that allows for you to make these workouts part of your routine. For those with a busy schedule, my class times were designed for your convenience. Whether we train in the morning or evening this flexible class schedule is perfect for you! I have created this program with you in mind. Losing weight is a simple concept but requires hard work.

That's why I'm here to help you. I have designed my classes to be motivating and energetic while getting a total body workout. High reps and low resistance is the secret to developing slender muscles. Punching and kicking targets and pads provides resistance training to aid in toning muscles and relieving stress.

With Get Fit By Melinda you will always be sweating after my classes. You will feel more confident you can defend yourself. Learn to apply the moves in real world self-defense situations. Through their training my students become more aware of their surroundings which can help avoid potentially dangerous situations. The workouts focus on working out consistently to aid in the following health benefits: cardio health, relieve stress, increase energy, lower cholesterol, and improve blood pressure. I truly care about my students' health. You stay on the go all the time. Take time for yourself and your health. Focus on being healthy for yourself and the people you care about. Live a longer and healthier life. I like to teach self-confidence through-self defense training. I'm here to start helping you today!