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Horizons Community Solutions is dedicated to strengthening communities and empowering people to lead healthy and productive lives. They are continuing the fight against cancer in South Georgia, but now doing even more. Horizons is working to address the underlying causes of disparities baby improving areas such as education, housing, healthcare access and workforce development.


Navigators and VP of Cancer Control celebrate serving our 1000th patient through the Community Cancer Screening Program TM
Matthew Ard PA - C and Health Navigator discuss a patient's chart
Paula Deen and Former President Jimmy Carter join us for our Plains For Supper event!
Board members having a discussion before the 2012 Board Retreat where we celebrated our 10th year in service.
CDC Representatives visit from Atlanta to discuss our nationally-acclaimed Community Cancer Screening ProgramTM
Teenagers from surrounding county take a stand against tobacco in attempt to make their school and city 100% Tobacco-Free!
South Georgians can "Put a Dent in Cancer" at the Georgia Throwdown!
Dr. Kimsey, Ellen Ungarino and Dr. Jani spoke at our Colorectal Cancer Lunch and Learn during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.